BCER 1225 Rehabilitation

BCER 1225 worked in Vancouver, Steveston and Burnaby from 1913 until February 28, 1958.

This picture of BCER 1225 in the Carrall St station is possibly mid 1940's.

In early 1950's, as the BCER was being wound down, many of the cars were decommissioned. Most ended up being burnt at the rail yard under the Burrard St bridge. Some were purchased and moved to museums south of the border. BCER 1225 found it's way to the Orange Empire Railway Museum (OERM) in Perris California.

Wonderful photo of OUR 1225 at Marpole Station in 1949. Mr. John KOSCHWANEZ of Mission Viejo, Ca took this picture in 1949. He graciously sent it to OERM to be sent home with the car.

BCER 1225 was part of the rolling stock at OERM, we have heard that it was also one of the fastest cars to run on their private track. This image courtesy of Bill Volkmer OERM member, shows 1225 underway at a Rail Fan day.

Work continues on rehabilitation of 1225.

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See more pictures of BCER 1225 rehabilitation on Webshots - taken by Vice Chair Bob Ashton.

Other pictures of 1225.

Photos by Bob Ashton, Liz Aubert, Allen Aubert and others as noted.