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Ongoing projects

SRY Donation of BCER heritage semaphore equipment.

SRY Raillink donation

SRY Raillink President Frank Butzelaar announced at the opening the SRY donation of the heritage semaphore installation from Clayburn Junction in the Fraser Valley. Located in Abbottsford to control the old BCER, now SRY mainline crossing the CP line, this building and equipment are the last remaining operational diamond crossing in Canada.

For more information about the heritage value of this historic crossing please see this article by Andrew Ward.

Clayburn Junction

This shack is featured in the Cloverdale Run movie, where the Conductor must enter the shack and pull a number of levers in order to stop traffic on the CP line for the BCER trams to proceed through the crossing. One interesting feature is that the first level locks the door and will not un-lock until the signals are restored. Photo courtesy of Andrew Ward.

Semaphores in place

This view shows the tall semaphore on the right (CP line) and the shorter stand on the left (BCER/SRY line.) The SRY semaphore is 'bagged' to indicate it is no longer in use. Photo by Roy Mufford.

Signal Arm

All the signals are being decommissioned. The donation of the building and signals will ensure that these heritage artifacts will continue to be available to rail fans, and the public as a reminder of the rich history of the BCER in the Fraser Valley. Photo courtesy of Andrew Ward.

Shack today

The shack has indeed seen better days. The FVHRS will undertake to restore the shack and ensure it is displayed in operating condition with the signals as a reminder of the "Good old days" of passenger and feright trains in the valley. Photo by Roy Mufford.


Next to Sullivan park and the Sullivan Community Hall, the fenced compound provides a good location for the car barn, the original and restored Sullivan Stations and is very close to the original site of Sullivan station. Connection to the Fraser Valley line should be to the East, in the near future.

Car barn

Built to hold two interurban cars, we have some room to expand. To maintain the cars for service we need a place to store and work on them. The car barn provides a new landmark in the Sullivan area.


To support work on the stations and cars, we need a place to keep tools and materials. The addition to the side of the car barn has been a great help in organizing these and providing a warmer place to work - very important over the winter months when a lot of the work is done.

Sullivan station

The original station "moved" from the rail site to a local farm sometime after passenger service stopped in the 1950's. Having many two-footed inhabitants for close to 50 years, the artifact looks well used. We have reconstructed the station as it was in it's prime and using the original colours for the BCER. You can see the "new" station on the North side (entrance) to the car barn site. The original artifact station is on the South side of the car barn. You can see it when you ride in trailer 1225 1/2 on the Speeder ride.

BCER 1225 Rehabilitation

Since car 1225 has returned to Canada, we have been working hard on stabilizing and rehabilitating the car with the goal of returning it to passenger service on the original interurban line.

See how much work goes into rehabilitation of an interurban car.


The Speeder, and passenger trailer 1225 1/2, are in use at our Open House events for rides around the grounds. Tickets, by donation, are available at the restored Sullivan station from any one of the members on site.

Heritage Rail Demonstration project (City of Surrey)

Site sign at Cloverdale car barn site

Work has started on our new home in Cloverdale at 5554 176 Street. A new 3-bay car barn will be constructed during the 2011/2012 fall and winter. The Lark Group are working on a design-build project for the society to build the new, larger, car barn to house BCER 1225, BCER 1304 and a future replica baggage car. The barn will also house a workshop, parts storage and a lunch room on a second floor. Of special interest to our volunteers are the indoor washrooms and a shower.

Sitelines Architecture, of Fort Langley, are providing construction supervision and general design oversight. Hil-Ron construction, who built the Sullivan car barn, will do the main construction of the barn. RDM enterprises are doing the site and general construction. Please click on the site-sign on the left to see all the companies working on the project.

Cloverdale car barn West elevation

Cloverdale Station

We have started the process to build a replica station as close as possible to the original location of the Cloverdale station. site lines Architecture Inc. of Fort Langley has created the design drawings for the new station. We will be working with the local community to recreate this landmark structure.

Replica Cloverdale Station - Sitelines Architecture

The replica will also house the growing collection of BCER memorabilia as well as functioning as our main ticket station. Yes, there will be a chimney on the built station.

Future projects

Newton Station

Track Upgrade

BCER 1304

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