B C Electric Railway

Originally started in 1910as an amalgamation of existing street car lines, and a plan to push out into the farming lands of the Fraser Valley.

Construction started in Surrey and continued through to the present day site of Chilliwack. When completed in 1911, the BCER ran from downtown Vancouver out to Chilliwack. There were up to four complete round-trip runs each day. Carrying not only passengers, it also provided a fast method for moving freight, the mail and gossip.

Another goal of completing the rail line was to electrify the valley. Modern convenience, such as electric light and telephones, came to the valley as the rail line spread up from the Fraser river and through settlements. Over time these settlements grew into the town centers and cities we find today: Whalley (Surrey City Center), Newton, Sullivan, Cloverdale, Langley, Abbotsford, Sumas, Yarrow, Chilliwack..

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BCER Fraser Valley Map

The red line indicates the Fraser Valley line of the BCER. This map was created by the late FVHRS member David Reuss.

BCER Super St. Louis cars on Central Park line.BCER Super St. Louis cars on Central Park line.


A clip from the movie, The Chilliwack run originally filmed by Mr. Ken Hodgson. This clip is the introduction of the film.

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