BCER 1225

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1225 in front of Carrall St station
BCER 1225 at Carrall Street station

car 1225 & 1220 as a train set
BCER 1225 and 1220

BCER 1225 at OERM, Parris, CA.
BCER 1225 at OERM in Perris, CA late 1990s

BCER 1225 in Vancouver
BCER 1225 in Vancouver.

Restoration of BCER 1225.

See the rehabilitation of 1225, past and current work to restore BCER 1225 to run again.

Videos of 1225

Various video clips, from various sources of BCER 1225.
Most located here are links to YouTube archives, unless otherwise credited.

Loading 1225 at OERM - on its way home Aug. 2005

Video shot by Bob Ashton - BCER 1225 loaded to return to BC.

The last run of BCER 1225 in August 2005.

Video shot by Bob Ashton - BCER 1225 moving to the loading area to return to BC.

Test run in May 2004

Video shot by Bob Ashton & Graham MacDonnell - BCER 1225 out for a run at OERM, May 2004 - part of the agreement to purchase.