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March 2010

AGM 2010

Our next Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday, April 24th, 2010 at Hampton Inn, 19500 Langely Bypass, Surrey, B.C. Registration starts at 12:30pm, The meeting starts at 1:00pm. The full agenda is available.

Speaking at the AGM about operating Heritage Electric Railways will be Doug Parker of the Edmonton Radial Railway Society. This is an important area for us as we move from restoration to Operations.

Nominations for the Board of Directors are availble, plese have signed forms to Nominations Chair, Robert Ashton by April 12th, 2010. The signed form can be mailed, faxed or e-mailed to Bob at:

Robert Ashton
FVHRS Nominations
7463 Barmston Pl.,
Delta B.C.
V4C 4M9
fax: 604 591 8149
rashton @

AGM 2009

The draft minutes of the Annual General Meeting on April 4th, 2009 are now posted on this website. These minutes are not yet approved, and will be accepted and approved at the next AGM in 2010.

October 2009

Railways runs through it: Cloverdale

Cloverdale and its Railway history are the subject of a special talk by Henry Ewert on Thursday, October 29 7:00pm at the Surrey Museum.

Part of the Fall Speakers series, Henry will talk about the days when Cloverdale was a hub of rail transportation.

Please pre-register for this event with the Surrey Museum use course number 4189553. Call 604-592-6956, or 24-hr PhoneReg at 604-501-5100. On-line WebReg available.

Pictured: Henry Ewert talking to Bob Ashton, Oct 17, 2009 at the Chilliwack Museum & Archive fall event opening: BCER: More than just a tram.

BCER: More than just a tram

The Chilliwack Museum & Archives presents their Fall exhbit - BCER: More than just a tram. This exhbit looks back at the railway and the impact that it had on all facets of life in the Fraser Valley.

This exhbit opens on Oct 17, 2009 and will run until October 2010. Visit on opening day for the grand event at Noon (12:00 to 2:00) which includes Henry Ewert speaking about the history of the BCER.

The Chilliwack Museum and Archives are at 45820 Spadina Ave, Chilliwack. For more information, please call 604 795 5210.

Image - Detail from CM&A Poster - click to view poster (PDF)


Sept 2009

Spring/Summer 2009 Newsletter

Spring/Summer 2009 Newsletter

The Special edition for the year on the return of BCER 1304, and other events has been added to the Newsletter page.

This edition includes interviews with Volunteers Wayne Abbott & Lloyd Knoblauch, along with more pictures of the Royal Hudson visit on it's excrusion for SRY from New Westminister to Cloverdale. Henry Ewert provides an article on How to become an interurban motorman. Our report on the 2009 Annual General Meeting and our visit to the annual Bradner Flower Show.

July 2009


July 13, 2009 We've been asked many times to provide a guestbook, so visitors can record comments. So after some thought and planning, we're pleased to add this feature to the website.

Please see the Guestbook page to create a new entry in the guestbook, or to view the entries there.

May 2009

Royal Hudson visits

May 2 & 3, 2009 The Royal Hudson brought the huff and puff of steam trains back to the Fraser Valley this past weekend when SRY Raillink and WCRA brought two excursions from New Westminster to Cloverdale.

Royal Hudson near 72nd Ave, surrey - by Bill Gumbleton Royal Hudson 2860, crossing 72nd Ave. Surrey, B.C. Photo by Bill Gumbleton.

Close to 660 passengers were able to detrain and make-believe they were trains as they crossed 152nd St and visited the FVHRS - Sullivan Station. On display were BCER 1304 'Connaught' in front of the replica Sullivan Station, BCER 1225 in the car barn showing off the over 10,000 hours of loving work to prepare for return to the Fraser Valley line next year.

Royal Hudson viewed from Sullivan Station - by Ray Hudson Sunday May 3 - the old and the new returning from Cloverdale, view from Sullivan Station. Photo by Ray Hudson.

April 2009

BCER 1304 back in the Fraser Valley

April 25, 2009. People waited in a light rain for the return of "The Duke of Connaught" and then the sun came out, and the trailer with BCER 1304 came down the hill and turned into the Sullivan Station compound. Not quite like it last passed by in 1950, but a welcome return to the Fraser Valley line!

The transports arrive. Photo by Bob Webster.

Lots of people turned out to see the return and they were not disappointed. After the unveiling of the 100th Anniversary Graphic on the side of the barn, our guest speakers, Dr. Peter Moogk from SIRS, Councillor Marvin Hunt speaking on behalf of Mayor Watts and Mr. Frank Butzelaar from SRY Raillink joined the spontaneous applause as BCER 1304 arrived. We were sorry that British Consul-General Mr. Alex Budden was unable to join us as planned; we wish him a speed recovery.

Superintendent Ron Powers watches as BCER 1304 is brought into the compound. Photo by Ray Hudson.

Interest was sparked by the media coverage - The Surrey/North delta Leader provided stories all week about the line, the car and the event. Global TV and CTV-BC were also on hand to film the lifting of the car back onto the tracks.

Links to video clips: (Clips start in a new browser window.)

Global TV - Noon.

CTV - story and video clip.

Surrey leader - Story and video clip.

Our own pictures are still being processed. Check back soon for more images.

Please see the BCER 1304 page for information and a short history of 1304.

New Online-Donations

April 6, 2009. We join the internet age with our new Online-Donations web page with our new partner Go to our Donors page, or you can use this button:

Donate Now Through!

To launch the new FVHRS $1.5 million capital fundraising campaign, themed "one passenger-at-a time" to coincide with the 2010 Anniversary of the Fraser Valley line, we are now offering a convenient way to donate and become one of the 30,0000 passengers we need, at $50 each (with a tax receipt). Reaching the goal of the campaign will make possible the installation of the 600 foot rail spur to connect our Sullivan carbarn to the mainline track, acquire a self propelled replicated BCER baggage car to house our electric generators and to expand the carbarn.

Donations will be directed to FVHRS, and the receipt will be sent from with your request identified. Thank you for help.

Canadian Charities Information sessions

Every year the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) provides free information for registered charities. As the federal regulator of registered charities, the Directorate provides these sessions to help registered charities understand their obligations under the Income Tax Act. The sessions are free, please see the CRA website: Charities Information Sessions

Another Royal visit!

WCRA logo

Our new corporate member, SRY Rail Link, is sponsoring two special trips of the Royal Hudson steam train to Cloverdale.

Working with WCRA and Fraser River Discovery Centre, SRY rail link will host two special excursions on Saturday May 2 and Sunday May 3 from New Westminster to Cloverdale. On the return trip, the train will stop at the FVHRS & Sullivan Station for 30 minutes. We are very pleased to be included in these special excursions.

Please contact West Coast Rail Tours at 604-524-1011 or 1-800-722-1233.

BCER 1304 on its way home!

Loading at OERM on April 24, 2009. Getting on its way back to Canada.

YouTube video of loading 1304 at OERM, filmed by Bob Ashton.

Check here at Webshots for Bob's pictures of loading and the journey to Canada.

BCER 1304 Comes home! UPDATE

The Fraser Valley Heritage Railway Society, in partnership with Steveston Interurban Restoration Society (SIRS), is pleased to announce that the last remaining BCER "Chilliwack" interurban, the royal car "Connaught"-- BCER 1304, will return to Canada on April 25th. The car will be arriving at the FVHRS car barn in Sullivan on Saturday April 25th, 2009.

UPDATE: The planned arrival time of 'the Duke' is set for 9:00am. Parking is available at Sullivan Hall. Events planned include the arrival and craning of the car onto our track, unveiling of the 100th Anniversary 'supergraphic' and welcoming remarks from the U.K. Consul-General, Mr Alex Budden, Southern Railway of B.C. President, Mr. Frank Butzelaar and the City of Surrey Mayor and Council.

Please see the BCER 1304 page for information and a short history of 1304.

March 2009

10,000 and counting

March 31, 2009 Today another milestone in the rehabilitation of BCER 1225 was reached when the dedicated crew of volunteers reached a total of 10,000 hours of volunteer work.

The expected amount required to complete the car is 12,000 hours, which should be reached this Fall.

Pictured are (Left to Right) Back Row: Rene Doyharcabal, Ron Powers, Stewart Walker.

Front Row: Robert Ashton, Lloyd Knoblauch, Les Brown, Bill Meeks, Neal McLeod.

Click on the image to see a larger version.

New Corporate Members

We welcome our newest corporate members:

Click here to see the full list of corporate members.

New Donors recognized

As a non-profit society, we are very blessed to have a wealth of wonderful people and companies who help us with more than memberships. As we start the next phase of growth and in preparation to operate BCER 1225 on the tracks next year, we are starting a new project: the Sullivan Spur.

We welcome some past donors, and corporate members, who have stepped up with goods, services and gifts for the Sullivan spur project:

We are also pleased to welcome a new company to the ranks of Donor for the Sullivan Spur: Underhill Geomatics Ltd. Also known for many years as Underhill & Underhill.

Click here to see all the donors.

April 2009

AGM 2009

The Annual General Meeting was held on April 4th, 2009 at 1:00pm. Hampton Inn and Suites, 19500 Langley Bypass, Surrey. BC.

Please see the AGM page for more details and access to official announcement and nomination forms.


The Fall 2008 newsletter has been added to the site. This is the annual Volunteer's Recognition Dinner coverage, including a good bye to our Den mother, Judy Higgenbotham. Includes volunteer profiles of René Doyharcabal, Roberta Cecile Anaya, and the lyrics to Ballad of 1225.

BCER 1225 at Sullivan Station by Tony SinclairWe are pleased to have Tony Sinclair return to the Lower Mainland and also to renew his offer of his original art work of BCER 1225 at Sullivan Station. {Nov 2008}

Please see a sample of the work and prices on the new ART of FVHRS page.

Updated pictures of 1225 rehabilitation

The gang of volunteers keep working with now over 11,000 hours on 1225. We try to keep up with them in pictures. There are now so many that we've had to break up the collection into the various years.

Check out the revised and updated 1225 rehabilitation pages and see what has changed.

Calendar Contest

SRY Raillink

Our corporate member, SRY Raillink, is holding a calendar contest. You are invited to read the rules (here) and then enter your best images of recent SRY operations, trains, people or equipment. Images must be taken after Jan. 1, 2009.

Please read the rules for submissions and the correct form of submission. Entries are to SRY and may become the property of SRY if selected (Please read the rules.) Entries due by August 1, 2009. Cash prizes and publication with credits.

AGM 2009

The draft minutes of the Annual General Meeting on April 4th, 2009 are now posted on this website. These minutes are not yet approved, and will be accepted and approved at the next AGM in 2010.

August 2008

Surrey Foundation Grant

The Surrey Foundation provided a grant of $7,500 for the FVHRS Community Outreach and Public Education programme. This grant will help us continue the newspaper advertisements and the production of the newsletter.

Other support for FVHRS from this grant will continue our appearance at many local events. This summer we have attended:

March 2008

City of Surrey grant - part two

The City of Surrey completed the truck refurbishment grant with a additional cheque for $75,000. This brings the total grant to $150,000 which will allow the trucks for BCER 1225 to be completely refurbished. The trucks have been removed from under 1225 and are off-site. Rewiring work continues on the car while the trucks are away.

November, 2007

City of Surrey - truck refurbishment grant approved.

Surrey City Council recently approved a grant request by the FVHRS for $150,000 towards the refurbishment of the BCER 1225 trucks. A cheque for $75,000 was presented by Councillor Judy Higginbotham at the 2nd annual Volunteer's Appreciation Dinner. A further $75,000 will be presented next year to complete the work. The Volunteer's Appreciation Dinner was held at the local New York, New York restaurant, across the street from the FVHRS Sullivan Car barn.

Councilor Higgenbotham presents cheque for $75,000

This substantial grant is the latest demonstration of the ongoing support by the City of Surrey for the Fraser Valley Heritage Railway Society’s plans of restoring BCER 1225 and running it on the Surrey section of the original Fraser Valley line for heritage tourism purposes. The FVHRS was formed in 2001 after encouragement, and a financial kick-start from Jim Wallace (deceased), in 1996 of the Surrey Heritage Advisory Commission to undertake a feasibility study. The Rehabilitation of BCER 1225 is 50% complete with just over 5000 hours in volunteer time already donated by a dedicated group of skilled FVHRS members. The rehabilitation work is being coordinated by the FVHRS vice-chair, Robert Ashton. The goal is to have the rehabilitation complete by the end of 2009.

Car club visit

October, 2007

FVHRS Co-chair hosted the Morgan Owners Group Northwest at an evening showing of the Sullivan Car barn.

Last Open House for the season - well attended with over 79 rides on the speeder.

New web site

September 25, 2008

The launch of the revised web site, new graphics and ongoing images of the BCER 1225 interurban car rehabilitation.

Surrey Foundation provided a grant for $7,500 towards the FVHRS Community Outreach and Public Education work. These funds support the newsletters, newspaper advertizing and Open House activities.

Grant money from Province of BC.

September, 2007

BC Gaming has awarded the FVHRS $12,000 toward the 2008 Community Outreach & Public Education programme. This program helps to get the word out about the FVHRS and to remind people about the interurban rail line.

City of Surrey grant to FVHRS

March, 2007

FVHRS Volunteers Ron Powers and Neal Wilkie, appeared in the Surrey NOW newspaper working on BCER 1225. The associated article describes the work of the FVHRS in operating BCER 1225 on the existing interurban line that still goes though Surrey.

The article also describes the support from the City of Surrey in creating the Heritage Rail Demonstration Project to get the restored BCER 1225 car running on the line as a pilot project. Peter Holt, Director of FVHRS has been appointed as the Project Manager.

The FVHRS also received almost $14,000 from the Surrey Foundation as their part of distributing the award from a class action lawsuit. The settlement was directed to community transportation and heritage projects. The FVHRS will be using these funds towards community awareness and communication about the efforts of the society.

2010 April 25