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Based on an idea by, and personal funding of $25,000 from Mr. Jim Wallace, a commissioner with the Surrey Heritage Advisory Commission (SHAC), a feasibility study was undertaken between 1996 and 2000 to ascertain the feasibility of reactivating the old B C Electric Railway (BCER) line in the Fraser Valley for passenger service.

Based on that study a recommendation was made to Surrey City Mayor and Council at least two original interurbans could possibly be repatriated from their US museum owners and that reactivating the interurban line through Surrey was feasible. Surrey Council requested that a not-for-profit group be formed to undertake the repatriation, rehabilitation and return of original BCER Interurban cars to the original Fraser Valley line for use in a heritage tourism initiative.

In 2001 the Fraser Valley Heritage Railway Society (FVHRS) was formed to acquire, restore and operate the remaining BCER Interurban cars. The original Fraser Valley rail line still exists in the valley from New Westminster as far East as Chilliwack. Some adjustments to the tracks have been made in the past 50 years, but most of the original track is still there. The Fraser Valley interurban line last carried passengers in 1955, a special trip from Chilliwack for Miss J. E. Fowlie and her grade 3 class from Yarrow. (Please see picture on the BCER 1304 page.) The original BCER Fraser Valley line remains a forgotten jewel in the valley.

We operate as a non-profit charitable organization in Surrey, B.C.

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