Steveston Interurban Restoration Society (SIRS)


The FVHRS is please to recognize the support and donations from SIRS for their assistance over the years with the FVHRS restoration on BCER 1225 and the acquisition of BCER 1304.

BCER 1304 return to Canada Spril 25, 2009

SIRS worked with the FVHRS to purchase and return BCER 1304 to Canada. We acknowledge the support and assistance of SIRS to repatriate this historic interurban car - the only remaining "Chilliwack" car.

Upon the dissolution of SIRS in April 2012, the board of directors and the members of SIRS have donated the remaining items, artifacts and assets to FVHRS. This includes the "title" to BCER 1304 which will allow the FVHRS to restore and operate 1304-Duke of Connaught on the original Fraser Valley line again.

SIRS Director Peter Moogk with the BCER 1304 palque

SIRS Director Dr. Peter Moogk (with plaque) and members of the FHVRS Board of Directors May 20, 2012. Left to Right: Ron Powers, John Sprung, Peter Moogk, Peter Holt, Jerry Gosling, Rene Doyharcabal, Allen Aubert. SIRS presented a plaque updating the history of BCER 1304 and its return to Canada.

SIRS BCER 1304 Plaque
2012 May 20