Open House

Open House

We're moving to Cloverdale, and we have held the last Open House in Sullivan.

We are moving from Sullivan Station to Cloverdale in 2012. Construction is moving ahead and we are planning to relocate the heritage Interurban cars, BCER 1225 & BCER 1304, to Cloverdale in August.

We will move the replica Sullivan Station, the Interurban cars and our workshop contents as well as the accumulation of artifacts relating to the BCER. The Speeder and 1225 1/2 will also move to Cloverdale but will continue as track inspection and clean-up vehicles. The small passenger station next to the speeder track will be relocated to the West Coast Heritage Museum in Squamish.

Our exact replica of the Sullivan Station will return to Sullivan in the near future when we are operating the heritage cars back to Sullivan. As we leave the Sullivan Car Barn and turn it over to the City of Surrey, we will leave the barn and compound clear for the next tenant. Once we have confirmed the new location for the station platform, we will bring Sullivan Station back to Sullivan.

Once we have moved to Cloverdale and start on the next phase of our society life as an operating railway, we will not be holding Open House events at the Cloverdale Car barn. Look for some special events to mark milestones and come ride the Interurban starting in May 2013.

2012 June 17