Moving Day

Wednesday August 15

The BIG move. Moving day involves a lot of people, coordination and some luck with the weather. We were blessed with lots of luck on the day which was both a very long one, and the hottest day of the summer so far.

Many thanks to all involved, including the great people at GWIL cranes, PCC trucking, PNR Railworks and the RCMP Surrey - Cloverdale detachment. Also our thanks and apologies to all the people who waited patiently on 152nd St. as we moved the cars out of Sullivan.

Leaving Sullivan

Preparing at Sullivan

Early morning, preparing for the move. One of the few times we have both cars outside at the same time. Many thanks to PNR for showing up at just the right time to help brings the cars out.

Lifting 1225

Lifting BCER 1225 at Sullivan. A very gentle lift - once the GWIL operators gave the mighty heave (you have to see the video to know why), brings 1225 back over the fence seven years after it arrived the same way.

Landing 1225 at Sullivan

Loading 1225 on to the transport truck for the drive to Cloverdale. Vice Chair Bob Ashton was heard to say that this is the last time the cars will 'fly' - from tomorrow on, they only go on the rails!

Lifting 1304 at Sullivan

Many people were on hand to see the big lift. Here BCER 1304 rises up and over to the waiting truck.

Loading 1304 at Sullivan

BCER 1304 lands on the PCC transport trailer that has the blocking in place to support the carriage high enough to protect all the under floor equipment, but still clear all the wires on the route to Cloverdale.

Ready to go

All loaded and ready to go. The sign on 1225 seems to be more accurate as to the next destination, 1304 has farther ambitions.

backing out 1225

Due to the configuration of the driveway, it was easier to back out 1225 on to 152nd Street. A small delay was overcome and 1225 is on its way. This is one of the reasons why the road was blocked off - we needed all of the Northbound roadway to go South.

driving out 1304

Bringing out 1304 was a bit easier. Still needed all the roadway to get out. The lady waiting for the (delayed) bus got a great picture as 1304 went by.

two car train

The 'two car train' ready to move to Cloverdale. Many thanks to all who had to wait on 152 as we got going. Thanks also the RCMP who were able to take some of the driving pressure off at just the right time.

Arriving at Cloverdale

landing 1304 trucks

The interurban trucks were last to leave Sullivan, but the first to be delivered at Cloverdale. The trucks for 1304 were landed first with lots of supervisors watching.

landing 1225 trucks

The "new" old trucks for 1225 were then placed on the tracks. Careful placement by the GWIL group - with a little man-power by the volunteers - helped to place them just right.

lifting 1304 at Cloverdale

BCER 1304 was next to arrive. The lift straps are being placed and the trucks are spaced on the track at the correct distance ready to receive the king pins.

1304 moves into new home

The sun was still shining, and directly into the barn, when 1304 was brought in to its new home. Many volunteers were able to help 1304, as well as our "hand's on" City Councilor Marvin Hunt (pushing in front of the steps.)

1225 arrives

And finally 1225 arrives at the Cloverdale car barn.

1225 lift at Cloverdale

Who needs a turntable to swap ends of the train when you have a vary large crane at your disposal? BCER 1225 flies for the last time.

1225 landing

Placing 1225 on the trucks. The pins are located directly above the trucks, however this section of track is a bit curved so alignment was a bit tricky. Again the pins landed in just the right spot.

There is a video of the lift that will be available shortly, please check back for the link.

moving 1225 the hard way

BCER 1225 does not yet roll as easily as 1304. The new parts on the trucks need to be 'broken in' so some difficulty in getting it to move using the crane and lots of man-power.

moving 1225 the easy way

Our friends at PNR were on site, track installation further along the right of way, and they were able to help us move 1225 the easy way.

1225 at the new home

BCER 1225 in place in the new car barn at Cloverdale.

All tucked in

The end of a very long day! Vice-Chair Bob Ashton takes one last walk in the new car barn to make sure 1304, 1225 and car 30 are all tucked in for the night.

2012 Aug16