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Fraser Valley Heritage Railway Society is a registered charity in Canada.

Don't be left at the station!

BCER Motorman Vic Sharman

Cloverdale to Sullivan

Our previous fundraising was a big success when we offered you the chance to be a "passenger on the platform." Now that we are underway in building our new compound and completing the restoration of BCER 1225 we need to prepare for the future.

We plan to start running our new 'train' of BCER 1225 and a Donkey this fall. We plan on full operations from Cloverdale to Sullivan in 2012. Our plans also include three major projects: build a replica of the Cloverdale station; acquire a replica of the 1700 series BCER baggage car; build funds to restore BCER 1304.

Cloverdale Station in operation

The year 1910 saw the opening of daily passenger rail service from downtown Vancouver out to Chilliwack on the Fraser Valley line. As we celebrate our 10th year as a society we wish to bring back the feeling of excitement of passenger rail travel with a replica of the Cloverdale station as close as possible to the original site.

The new property at 5554 176 St. in Cloverdale is directly across the railway right of way (RoW) from the site of the original Cloverdale station. This area was depicted in Brian Croft's 2010 Christmas card. We are working with members of the Cloverdale campus of Kwantlen Polytechnic University (FVHRS Corporate member) to reproduce the plans and then build a replica station close to the original site.

The "Chilliwack line" operated 4 round trips a day from Chilliwack to Vancouver. These trains were headed by a 1700 series baggage car that also picked up farm produce and milk on the morning runs - this was the origin of the "milk run." To operate authentic train sets were are planning on moving the power generation from the Donkey cart to a replica of the 1700 Baggage car. This also allows us to consider alternate power sources.

BCER 1708 & 1225

Our volunteers invested over 16,000 hours of expert time in restoring BCER 1225, this is often known as "sweat equity." As we turn our attention to operating BCER 1225 we have not forgotten BCER 1304. The only remaining Chilliwack car arrived at the Sullivan car barn in somewhat better shape than 1225 did, however 1304 will need lots of work before it can operate on the SRY mainline - the original BCER Fraser Valley line. We need to secure the funds to restore the car and the trucks to again run on the line.

FVHRS Chair John Sprung with past Director Doug Watkins

These three projects will require $1.5 Million. We need your help to build these replicas and restore BCER 1304. You will receive a tax receipt for every donation. For every $50 donated, you will also receive a special souvenir ticket for one round trip ride Cloverdale - Sullivan in 2012 or 2013. Help us bring back the glory of passenger rail travel in the Fraser Valley.

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Online donations

Our on-line donation partner, CanadaHelps, will be able to receive your donation 24 hours a day. If you prefer to scribe a cheque we are more than happy to receive it via Canada Post at the address below. We have designated two additional funds to allow a range of support for those who wish to target a donation. All donations over $10 will receive a tax receipt.

Conductor Fund

An opportunity to assist with the most important aspect of every day operations. A donation of $20 to $50 would be very helpful.

Engineer Fund

An opportunity to assist in the rehabilitation of BCER 1225 and BCER 1304. There are are still many items that are required to complete the work and ongoing maintenance of the interurban cars. A $20 to $50 donation would make a positive contribution to the work.

You can donate on-line through our partnership with You will receive a tax receipt directly from them indicating your donation to FVHRS. Please click on the Donate Now button.


You can use this Cloverdale to Sullivan brochure to download and print out your donation.

Mail-in donations

You can send donations via mail to this address:

Allen Aubert, Secretary, FVHRS

1045 - 165th Street

Surrey, BC, V4A 9A2

or e-mail enquiries to Allen Aubert


You are also most welcome to attend any of the FVHRS events and deposit cash or cheque in our donation boxes, or to any of the Directors in attendance. Receipts will be mailed.

2011 April 17