There are a few artists who include work based on the BCER and include the Interurban car we house in our barn.

We are pleased to include links to these artists who have assisted FVHRS.

Brian Croft

Brian has been our guest speaker at the 2009 Volunteer Appreciation dinner, and gracisouly donated a print of A Christmas Reunion for the 2010 AGM.

Brian includes many aspects of the BCER in his paintings. You can find BCER 1304, BCER 1225 and many of the other surviving Interurban cars in his work.

G.C. Tony Sinclair

We are pleased to offer the work of G.C. Tony Sinclair, who has created a view of BCER 1225 at the restored Sullivan Station.

BCER 1225 at Sullivan Station by Tony Sinclair (Click the image for a larger view)

From his biography, Tony has provided this statement:

As a heritage artist, I have a unique style in extreme realism.  The art is done in great detail, proportional and with accuracy. My method maximizes color density and smoother blending which increases the clarity. I give as much depth and enhancement as possible to each piece giving a dimensional and a more prominent effect.  If the prints are supplied by the artist, they are printed on heavy acid free stock with ink that lasts approximately 85 to 100 years.

 Usually my work is with museums and heritage societies to support the organizations.  It is my pleasure in helping to preserve the heritage by expressing it my art.

GC (Tony) Sinclair,
Heritage Artist
Email –

Available in two sizes, either unframed or framed with extruded black metal frame and anti-glare plexiglass:

Prices Framed UnFramed
8 1/2 x 11 $150 $100
13 x 19 $275 $175

Plus appropriate taxes

Please contact John Sprung for more information.

2010 Apr 25